Atlas for Monitoring Diabetes Care in Aragon

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ISSN: 2529-9255 Vol.3 Online Diabetes- Última actualización: June 2021

About this Atlas

The healthcare services research unit of the Instituto Aragonés de Ciencias de la Salud reports the variation in and the evolution of the healthcare given by the Health System through the Atlas of Variations in Medical Practice in the Spanish NHS.
This Atlas makes it possible to view the care given to patients with diabetes in each autonomous community.

Cite as: Angulo-Pueyo E, González-Álvarez B, Turón Alcaine JM, Seral-Rodríguez M, & Bernal-Delgado E. (2021). Atlas para la monitorización de los cuidados en diabetes en Aragón – Atlas for Monitoring Diabetes Care in Aragón (1.0.0). Zenodo.

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