Atlas of unwarranted variation in the quality of hospital care

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ISSN: 2529-9255 Vol.7 Online Calidad-April 2021

About this Atlas

This atlas of unwarranted variation in the quality of hospital care represents the performance of SNS acute hospitals in the treatment of those diagnoses, or surgical procedures, usually considered to measure the quality of hospital care, through the risk of in-hospital mortality in 2018.

For each hospital analyzed within the diagnosis and procedure indicators, three types of complementary results are shown, the crude rate, the standardized ratio (quotient between the observed values and the expected values) and the relative position, the comparison of each unit of analysis with respect to a benchmark (the unit).

The Variability section shows, the map with the geolocation of the hospitals analyzed, according to the indicator and subgroup previously selected, with the results of the analysis for the last year of the available period, 2018.

This section shows the evolution of the standardized in-hospital mortality ratios (SMR) over the period 2003-2018.

The Performance section represents the behavior of each of the hospitals analyzed in the years 2015 and 2018 for all quality indicators. That is, the results of the last year of the period (year 2018) are shown, together with the last year of hospital activity registration through the ICD9-CM coding system (year 2015), from which point onwards the coding was changed to the ICD10.

Citation: Comendeiro-Maaløe M, Martínez-Lizaga N, Ridao-Lopez M, Seral-Rodríguez M, Estupiñán-Romero F, Angulo-Pueyo E, Ibañez-Beroiz B, Librero-López J, Millán-Ortuondo E, Peiró-Moreno S, Bernal-Delgado E, por el grupo Atlas VPM. Atlas de variaciones injustificadas en la calidad de los cuidados hospitalarios en el Sistema Nacional de Salud . Abril 2021; Disponible en:

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