April 3, 2024. Enrique Bernal: “Federated Data Research: Lessons for Health Systems Comparative Analyses” in Harvard University

April 4, 2024. Brown University, Seminar on “Federated Research: Opportunities for Health System Comparisons” 

11-14 March 2024. Course on the use of Real Worl Data in research: Federated data analysis.

QUANTUM project kicks off to develop and implement the health data quality label for the secondary use of health data in the EU

Quantum project in EU

The European Quantum project, coordinated by IACS, starts and will guarantee the quality of health data in Europe

Policy brief ‘We could avoid hospitalization of patients with chronic disease’

Health profile report for Spain 2023. European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, OECD and European Commission.

The Health System and Policy Monitor (HSPM) Spain. The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies