The Health Services Research Network on Chronic Diseases, REDISSEC, is built on three major issues: the challenge of managing the phenomenon of chronicity, the need for more and better information and the obligation to increase research capacity in health policies and services in Spain.

The Network’s mission is to develop excellence in the fields of research and innovation in order to provide solid and relevant evidence on best policies, practices and organisational models. The aim is to improve health care outcomes for chronic patients in Spain.

Improving healthcare outcomes for chronic patients in Spain.

REDISSEC’s capacity is based on previous experience of collaborative research in most of the participating groups. This collaborative strategy has made it possible to build an initiative composed of 14 research groups from 8 autonomous communities.

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REDISSEC Coordination

José Mª Quintana López


Instituto de Salud Carlos III
Fondo de Investigaciones Sanitarias RD16/0001/0007
Period: 3 años (inicio: 2017)



Programme 1

Characterization of chronicity and assessment of healthcare performance and health policy strategies in chronic care

  • Coordinator: José Mª Quintana López

WP1: Characterization of chronicity and evaluation of health care

WP2: Performance of Health Services in response to chronicity

WP3: Methods for database management, analysis and communication of results

Programme 2

Comparative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness in chronic care

  • Coordinator: Enrique Bernal-Delgado

WP1: Comparing clinical interventions

WP2: Comparing organizational interventions and policies

WP3: Methods to improve evaluative research


REDISSEC is a new research structure that brings together 14 research groups and approximately 120 researchers with previous experience in cooperative research.

IP: Máximo Redondo Bautista

IP: Enrique Bernal-Delgado

IP: Alexandra Prados Torres

IP: Lilisbeth Perestelo Pérez

IP: Mireia Espallargues Carreras

IP: Maria Lluisa Baré Mañas

IP: María Sala Serra

IP: Carola Orrego Villagrán

IP: Isabel del Cura González

IP: Mª Joao Forjaz

IP: Berta Ibáñez Beroiz

IP: Isabel Hurtado Navarro

IP: Iñigo Gorostiza Hormaetxe

IP: José Mª Quintana López