Website use conditions

The Research Group for health services and policies, part of the Instituto Aragonés de Ciencias de la Salud (IACS), with the address of Avenida San Juan Bosco, No. 13, 50009 Zaragoza, and company VAT No. (CIF) Q-5000654C and electronic office on the website, informs the users of the website (henceforth “website”) that the IACS is an entity established under Public Law associated with the  Department in charge of Health in the Autonomous Community of Aragon, having legal identity, its own equity instruments, and full capacity to comply with purposes of collaboration in the development of the Aragon Health System services, by means of human resource training, research promotion, consultancy and cooperation, and increasing the knowledge on population health and its determinants.

The IACS has the website use conditions available for website users, establishing the terms and conditions that all website user accept by the simple fact of navigating the website. The information on these conditions also answer many of the questions that might be posed during website use and navigation through the online site of the entity.

The entire website content, as well as the configuration, legal documentation and elements conforming this website, can be modified without prior notice by the IACS, so the owner recommends that the user to revise it.

In agreement with the indications of EU Directive 2016/679 and of the rest of the legal regulations on personal data protection of the European Union or of its member states on data protection, all the personal data provided during the use of the website will be treated according to what is indicated in the Privacy Policy.

The user accepts that all the trade names, brands and distinguishing marks, as well as all the industrial or intellectual property rights that are displayed, promoted or used through the website are the property of the IACS, or have adequate exploitation rights when applicable, and are in any event protected by national and international intellectual and industrial property regulations.

In no case will user navigation on the website represent for the IACS the waiver, transmission, license or partial or total relinquishment of the industrial or intellectual property rights. All uses that exceed those expressly granted will be subject to prior express authorisation by the IACS or the third party when applicable.

Except for specific indication to the contrary, no user can reproduce, transmit, register or exploit, either partially or totally, and regardless of the media or technology used to do so, any of the content on the website, or its structure and design. Likewise, it is prohibited to make any type of screen capture that creates an independent file with content displayed on the website.

All the users that publish their own content on the website relinquish the right of use over such content to the IACS on a world-wide basis, for a time period limited in accordance with the current regulations, non-exclusive and non-sublicensable. Nevertheless, the user assumes any type of responsibility towards third parties that might derive from the use of images, tables, photographs, text or, if applicable, figures of other private or public works without authorisation from the authors, exempting the IACS from any type of responsibility.

Some of the content published in specific website areas are expressly subject to specific intellectual property licenses that present special feature with respect to the regime of exploitation and management of intellectual property rights.

When it comes to creating and publishing website content, it should be remembered that such content can be subject to alternative intellectual property licenses, such as Creative Commons 3.0 España or, if applicable, Copyleft or ColorIURIS. If the content published is subject to this type of licenses, the publisher is always responsible for indicating this, whether it is within the content itself or in the content file, understanding that anyone with access to this content accepts the conditions expressed by the publisher; otherwise, the use of this service must cease.

With respect to links or hyperlinks, through the website the IACS facilitate access to independent third-party websites that it considers useful for users. Nevertheless, these webpages are not the property of the IACS, nor does it have any type of control over the content on such sites, so the IACS is consequently exempt from any type of responsibility with respect to the functioning of such a website and to the content displayed.

Any third party that wishes to do so can link to the website, without needing its express authorisation. However, the link must be established referencing the owner of target website.

The entity strictly forbids the use of frames and the use by third parties of mechanisms that alter or modify the design, original configuration or content of the website. If any individuals considers that any part of their work has been used by the IACS website without permission, consequently constituting an infraction of their rights, please contact us at, indicating the following information:

  • Exact description and identification of the work allegedly infringed.
  • Exact location of the work on the website (http:// /obra).
  • Contact information for the individual making the complaint.

The IACS is exempt from any type of responsibility derived from the information published on its website, as long as this information has been manipulated or introduced by a non-IACS third party.

This website has been reviewed and tested so that it will correctly work 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, the provider does not exclude the possibility that there might be certain programming errors, or that events due to force majeure, natural catastrophe, strikes or similar circumstances might occur, making access to the webpage impossible or that, if applicable, computer attacks that might be suffered could affect users of this website.

The IACS is not liable for interruptions in access, functioning and operability of the website, as long as such interruption is due to unforeseen causes or to force majeure, including but not limited to government action, fire, natural catastrophe, insurrection, technical failure, riot,   explosion, terrorist action, legal strike, telecommunications network errors or any other circumstances that escapes or is beyond the control of the provider.

The IACS has responsibility for its obligations with respect to the fact that the content, information or data about the services made available in its website or through links are reliable, truthful and exact.

The IACS is exempt from any type of responsibility with respect to content hosted on its website by third parties, regardless of whether such parties were registered or non-registered users, with such users being the only responsible parties for such content.

These General Conditions are subject to Spanish law, with the Courts and Tribunals in Zaragoza (Spain) being competent to resolve all the disputes derived from or related to the use of the website, in agreement with the current legislation in Spain and according to the applicable order.